Business can be a force for good: A partner success story with The Entertainer

For The Entertainer and their charity partners, the impact of digital micro-donations has been huge. In this partner success story with the UK's largest independent toy retailer, we explore how business can be a force for good.

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Published 28 April, 2022

For The Entertainer, payments partner Worldpay, and the incredible children’s charities supported through the Pennies partnership, the impact of digital micro-donations has been huge.

Not only has The Entertainer’s partnership with Pennies raised millions of pounds for charity, it has helped the UK’s largest independent toy retailer build generosity into the heart of its business and achieve its vision of business as a force for good.

Watch the story in full below, featuring insights from Gary Grant of The Entertainer, Pete Wickes of Worldpay, and Helen Haskell and Helen Miles of The Grand Appeal and Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity:

We believe business should be a force for good

Gary Grant, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of long-running Pennies partner The Entertainer spoke to us recently to tell us how Pennies helps him engage with customers in way that resonates with the special values they hold as a family brand.

“Social purpose and ticking all the boxes for some companies has just become a compliance issue. We see it very differently at The Entertainer – it’s a mode of operation. And one of the key things is we believe business should be a force for good.”

Gary Grant, The Entertainer

Micro-donations changing lives for children and families

For Helen Haskell at The Grand Appeal, a recipient of The Entertainer’s customers’ micro-donations for over 11 years, this dramatically impacts on the difference they can have on families going through very challenging times.

“You can’t really put into words the difference that [the money] makes for the children receiving treatment in Bristol Children’s Hospital. For instance, the money could fund one of our family accommodation units – somewhere for parents to stay completely for free for as long as they need.”

Helen Haskell, The Grand Appeal

A young patient at Bristol Children's Hospital receives support thanks to The Grand Appeal charity
A young patient at Bristol Children’s Hospital receives support thanks to The Grand Appeal charity

Meanwhile Helen Miles of Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, another charity supported by The Entertainer, expresses how the pandemic taught the organisation to diversify their digital fundraising – which Pennies and The Entertainer has allowed them to do. The Entertainer’s customers donations now represent 9% of their annual income.

More than that, Helen says, “the stores help get the message out to more people in the regions” through Pennies point of sale and colleagues talking about the option to donate in store.

The power of payments to make a difference

A big part of Pennies unlocking new income from generous consumers is the support of payments and technology partners to get Pennies up and running. In turn, Pennies helps add value to products they can offer to their corporate customers.

A customer uses a card payment machine to donate in-store at The Entertainer toy shop. The point of sale material is attached to the card machine, clearly displaying Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Charity, alongside the Pennies logo. The shop assistant and customer share a smile.
A customer donates at The Entertainer toy shop, using Chip and PIN.

Worldpay from FIS have powered The Entertainer’s in-store payments for over a decade, as well as being one of the very first payments providers to offer Pennies’ micro-donation option to its customers.

Pete Wickes, General Manager, Enterprise EMEA at Worldpay commented on the pioneering nature of Pennies, being the first digital charity box on the market and being a partner in innovation for Worldpay from FIS.

“We’re looking to bring innovation into the market – and I really think Pennies brings a huge range of benefits to business… [for example] it gives a way to access donations and give that back to your local communities.”

Pete Wickes, Worldpay from FIS

Watch the video to hear how Pennies helps all brands become a force for good, from all the partners involved in making micro-donations a reality at The Entertainer.

Watch the full story

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Pennies works hand in hand with retailers, charities and payments technology providers to unlock the potential for thousands of customers to donate every day. Together we increase the amount businesses can give by tapping into the industry-wide move to digital payments.

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