Pennies announces its second retailer and empties electronic charity box to give first donations after three weeks operation with Domino’s Pizza


Pennies, the electronic charity box, which went live with its first retailer, Domino’s Pizza, in early November, has today announced that it will also be available online through the UK’s fastest growing hotel chain, Travelodge, from 20 January 2011.  Over eight million visits are expected to be made to the Travelodge website during 2011 and the site accounts for over 87 per cent of all bookings.   Consumers can choose to round up their bill to the nearest pound and give their pennies to charity as they book a room or purchase food online.

Of the money raised through Travelodge, 75 per cent will be shared between the company’s nominated charities: Cancer Research UK and KidsOut – the fun and happiness charity – which provides services to disadvantaged kids.   The remaining 25 per cent will be shared equally between the other UK people-related charities already nominated by The Pennies Foundation*.

Pennies has also reported today that it has made its first donations.  These donations account for all of the money paid into the electronic charity box in the first three weeks after going live with Domino’s (1 – 21 November).  During this time 40,000 Domino’s customers rounded up their online bills to the nearest pound, donated pennies and together raised more than £10,000 (£10, 145.28).

These donations will benefit Special Olympics Great Britain, Domino’s chosen charity, which receives 75% of the amount raised (£7,609), and nine other UK charities* who share the remaining 25% equally.

Domino’s customers have responded enthusiastically from day one to the choice of rounding up their online pizza orders and donating between 1 and 99 pence to charity. Their generosity has ensured that ten charities have already started to benefit.

Pennies, Domino’s Pizza and Special Olympics Great Britain thank all those who have donated their pennies. In the current economic climate, the fact that this many people have given a small amount has demonstrated that Pennies is an affordable ask that appeals to the public, and that pennies do quickly add up  to many pounds.

Commenting on these two developments

Guy Parsons, Travelodge, CEO said: “We are delighted to be the UK’s first hotel company to launch an online charity donation box in partnership with The Pennies Foundation. As we are an e-retailer of sleep and over 87% of our bookings are conducted via the web it made perfect sense to adopt an online donation service. Now our customers have the option to round up their room purchase to the nearest pound and the pennies contributed will make a big difference to our nominated charities.”

“I am confident we will easily smash our total fundraising target of £200,000 and this money will certainly make a difference towards the wonderful work Cancer Research UK and KidsOut do.”

Chris Moore, CEO, Domino’s Pizza Group said:  “Pennies is such a great idea – and we are all delighted with the generosity of our customers. It is simple to use and has been simple to implement in the business too. We are genuinely chuffed to have been the first company to get involved.”

Karen Wallin, CEO Special Olympics Great Britain said: “I am truly grateful to every Domino’s customer who donated their pennies to support our charity over these three weeks especially in light of the current climate where every penny counts!   Through the funding received, we will be able to launch three key projects including supporting 600 volunteers through a recognized Sports Leaders course, establishing a minimum of 15 new clubs to support the recruitment of new athletes into the programme and the establishment of a new annual competition calendar to help athletes develop their skills and confidence further.”

Alison Hutchinson, CEO of The Pennies Foundation, creator of Pennies, said: “We’re thrilled to be expanding the number of retailers involved with Pennies so soon.  It is great news to be adding another popular UK brand in Travelodge to complement Domino’s Pizza.  This is just the start of the expansion of the electronic charity box, there is more to come shortly.”

“I want to say a huge thank you to the people who have chosen to donate their pennies.   We never forget that the success of the electronic charity box is down to the generosity of the public who give their pennies as well as the retailers making collection possible.  Everyone is focused on the benefit that this money can bring when put to work across a range of charities.  It’s good to be able to make our first donations in the run-up to Christmas.  Domino’s customers have not only chosen to donate their electronic small change but have also made their thoughts on the initiative clear:”

    • “I like the new charity stuff. Very nice idea, roundings are always a waste, in this way they become useful for someone.”
    • “I like the new option to round up the price of your order to donate a few pence to charity. If everyone who orders donates just a few pence, it can make an enormous difference to the world, so I appreciate the opportunity to quickly and easily make a small donation.”

“I think the donation to charity by rounding up to the nearest £ is a great idea :)”


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