Our latest figures are in and it seems we had a fantastic end to a very successful year – as of 1st January 2012 Pennies has received over one and a half million donations! When you add all those pennies up, the amount raised so far for charities across the UK is an amazing £366,516.11.

Were you one of the 68,799 people who donated their electronic change in the week leading up to Christmas? If so, you helped to raise nearly £18,000 in just a few days. More than half of that came from customers shopping at The Entertainer, the first retailer to introduce Pennies at high street shop tills. Customers at Zizzi restaurants were also particularly generous in the run up to Christmas.

The busy Christmas shopping season may be over but we’re working hard to get more retailers on board so you can keep donating your pennies throughout 2012!


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