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Worldpay from FIS has worked in partnership with Pennies for over a decade, and is one of Pennies’ longest-standing payments partners.

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In-store payments

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Together, Pennies and Worldpay from FIS have revolutionised digital customer giving, to meet the demands of consumers moving away from cash and embracing digital – and proving a seamless way to donate to charity when making a purchase by card and digital wallet.

The digital charity box is a core feature of the omni-channel Global Pay (formerly Worldpay Total) solution, incorporating integrated and standalone PDQs across Chip and PIN and contactless. From day one working with Pennies, Worldpay were able to offer a secure, intuitive and flexible micro-donation option which aligns perfectly with FIS’s suite of solutions for businesses.

Speak to your Worldpay relationship manager today to explore using Pennies in your payment journey. Or contact Pennies to connect with our implementation support team, and to nominate your charity partner.

Our clients recognise the need for, and indeed request, ways to engage their customers and colleagues… [and] give back to their communities. From day one working with Pennies, we were able to offer a secure, intuitive and flexible micro-donation product together, which aligns perfectly with Worldpay’s suite of solutions for businesses.

Pete Wickes

Senior Vice President, Worldpay from FIS

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Business can be a force for good: a partner success story with The Entertainer.

For The Entertainer, payments partner Worldpay, and the incredible children’s charities supported through the Pennies partnership, the impact of digital micro-donations has been huge. In this partner success story with the UK’s largest independent toy retailer, we explore how business can be a force for good.

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From retail, hospitality and technology brands looking to make a real difference, to charities looking to boost their impact, now is your chance to join the micro-donation movement.


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Giving Tuesday 2023: Make a big impact with small change!

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