We’re regularly amazed by the generosity of those who donate via Pennies, who every day are helping change the lives of thousands of people, just a few pence at a time.

Take Adnams: the Suffolk-based brewers and distillers have been offering Pennies at the tills of their kitchen and cellar stores for the last 11 months. In that time their customers have donated over £20,000 to Prostate Cancer UK by rounding up their purchase to the nearest pound when paying by card – that’s an average of 2,500 donations every single week in support of men living with or recovering from prostate cancer.

Mick Barrow - PCUKProstate cancer affects one in every eight men in the UK, and is predicted to become the most common cancer in the country by 2030.  Though there are a number of treatments available, one man dies from prostate cancer every hour in the UK – that’s around 10,000 every year.

However, with the right information, support and research, and with increased public awareness, this needn’t be the case.  Mick Barrow was successfully treated for advanced prostate cancer five years ago after seeing a Prostate Cancer UK poster highlighting a symptom of the disease – the constant need to go to the toilet.

“If I had not seen that poster in the pharmacy, I may not be here today,” said Mick.

“I want to use my own experience to help men become more aware of the possible symptoms of prostate cancer before it’s too late and since my diagnosis, I have become one of the charity’s most committed supporters. From running half marathons and handing out information leaflets, to talking to men down at the pub, I have campaigned effortlessly to make people more aware of this disease.”

The charity’s award-winning toolkit, full of essential information for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, is regularly sent out to people who have been in contact via the Prostate Cancer UK helpline.  Just a week’s worth of Pennies donations at Adnams stores can pay for around 65 of these toolkits, providing vital support for men like Mick every day.  So why not round up your total next time you drop in to an Adnams Kitchen & Cellar Store and help get more toolkits out to those who need them.


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