Every Marie Curie Nurse, every daffodil purchased and every penny donated, makes a huge difference to people with terminal illnesses

Marie Curie’s ‘Great Daffodil Appeal’ promotes positive conversations around end of life care. In celebration of this amazing appeal, Marie Curie rapid response nurse Paula has shared her story with Pennies.
Marie Curie nurse

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Published 22 March, 2019

Marie Curie’s ‘Great Daffodil Appeal’, which has taken place in March every year since 1986, promotes positive conversations around end of life care and expresses the reality that death affects us all and is something we shouldn’t ignore.

Behind every daffodil there is a story. It symbolises the many people affected by someone dying: a loved one who has been lost, someone with a terminal illness, a family left behind, and the Marie Curie Nurses who are there every step of the way.

Today, you can support the Great Daffodil Appeal through the Marie Curie website, in addition to the thousands of pounds raised by customers donating through Pennies since 2015. In celebration of this amazing appeal, Marie Curie rapid response nurse Paula has shared her story with Pennies.

Paula’s Story

Marie Curie believe that everyone living with a terminal illness should be able to get the most from the time they have left – and they work to do exactly that. They are there to support both the person with a terminal illness though their darkest times, and their loved ones. Working at the heart of the community they provide care and support through nurses, advisors and hospices.

Paula is part of a small team of nurses dedicated to responding to urgent calls across County Durham: operating 24 hours a day, responding to calls day or night, and aiming to arrive within an hour. Whether people need emotional support, symptom or pain control, or support because someone has passed away at home, they are there to help.

It’s so important for families to know there’s going to be someone there to look after their loved one at the end of their life – and to support them emotionally, too. People will often want to talk about themselves and tell you their story. Our work is all about respecting people and treating them with dignity.

Paula, rapid response nurse, Marie Curie

Nurses like Paula make a huge difference and ensure that those living with a terminal illness can stay surrounded by the people they care about, in the place where they’re most comfortable.

I love my job, and I’m passionate about making sure patients have choice. I meet so many different types of families – old, young, from all different walks of life. Meeting someone at the door and offering that support doesn’t change, no matter who it is.

Paula, rapid response nurse

Marie Curie Nurse, Paula Gruffety working on a rapid response phone call out.

Marie Curie has been supported by Pennies donations from two retailer partners since 2015. Most recently, customers of Notcutts Garden Centres visiting the St Albans store had the opportunity to support their services just like the rapid response nurses. For nearly two years, until June 2018, garden enthusiasts rounded up their bill and donated their digital spare change to raise thousands to support Marie Curie’s amazing work and services.

Your donations and support through Pennies, and through appeals like the Great Daffodil Appeal, help Marie Curie be there for people at a time when they need it most. It costs just £20 (that’s only 2,000 pennies!) to fund one hour of a Marie Curie Nurse’s time – proof that pennies really do count.

Thank you on behalf of the rapid response nurses and the rest of the Marie Curie team for rounding up your purchases and helping them care for many more families. Whatever your story, unite with millions who believe dying people should get the care and support they deserve.

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