Innovation and impact: the Pennies Impact Report 2016/17 is here

The latest Pennies Impact Report gives readers a valued insight into how millions of digital clicks of generosity have made a difference for charities across the UK and beyond.
A look inside the Pennies Impact Report 2016/17

Posted by Pennies

Published 9 November, 2017

After another momentous and exciting year at Pennies, we’re thrilled to share our latest Impact Report.

The 2016/17 Impact Report picks up where last year’s left off, offering insights into our latest developments, the growing reach of the digital charity box, and an update on how we’re realising our core mission – to help charities make a greater impact.

Available to read in full here and at the end of this blog, this year’s report gives readers valued insight into how millions of digital clicks of generosity have made a difference across the UK and beyond.

Featuring inspiring stories from the National Literacy Trust, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Save the Children, you can read more impact stories from some of the 250+ charities that have now benefited from Pennies donations on our website.

It also provides a glimpse into how our desire to innovate has driven us to new places in 2016 and 2017 – from the first contactless solution (available at The Entertainer’s high-street stores) to the first international adoption of the digital charity box with Domino’s offering pizza-lovers in the Republic of Ireland the option to round-up their orders for charity.

That desire for innovation has been at the heart of Pennies since day one. As shopping and payments habits evolve, faster and in more inventive ways than ever, we’re working to make sure that people can still donate to charity in line with the UK’s favourite way of giving – dropping a few coins into a charity box.

Take a look at the full report and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter – use the hashtag #penniescount to join the conversation. Thank you to all our supporters, partners, collaborators, and most of all to the millions of you who have donated via Pennies to date, giving your small change a big purpose.

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Giving Tuesday 2023: Make a big impact with small change!

Giving Tuesday 2023: Make a big impact with small change!

At Pennies, we’re big supporters of giving – it’s at the core of everything we do. Since we started in 2010, we’ve aimed to encourage and make it easy for people to give to charity. That’s why we’re excited to support Giving Tuesday, a global movement that celebrates and promotes generosity.


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