National Walking Month: Over £100K raised for National Trust with Outdoor & Cycle Concepts since 2021

This National Walking Month, explore the beautiful meadows cared for by the National Trust and the vibrant wildlife they support. Through Pennies partnership with Outdoor and Cycle Concepts, Pennies has facilitated micro-donations helping to support  National Trust's vital conservation efforts.

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Published 29 May, 2024

Partnering with Pennies

Since 2021, Pennies partnership with Outdoor and Cycle Concepts has enabled customers to make micro-donations through Pennies, raising over £100K for National Trust since partnering with Pennies. Today, National Trust looks after more than 250,000 hectares of countryside, 780 miles of coastline, 1 million collection items, and 500 historic properties, gardens, and nature reserves across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, ensuring people and nature can thrive.

Cotswold Outdoor is the National Trust’s official walking partner, and together with Snow+Rock and Runners Need, they believe nature is for everyone – whether it’s walking, running or simply taking in the scenery. The donations made by Outdoor & Cycle Concepts customers via Pennies have supported the conservation efforts of National Trust, including the restoration and protection of meadows, replenishing woodlands, and creating new green spaces, allowing nature to thrive for future generations through the Everyone Needs Nature Appeal.

Everyone Needs Nature Appeal

Traditional meadows, with their soft grasses and blooming wildflowers, are micro-cities of life for a diverse range of wildlife. They provide food and homes for mammals, birds, and nearly 1,400 species of invertebrates. Remarkably, one square meter of wildflower meadow can host an average of 570 flowers in high summer, supporting a vibrant ecosystem.

However, UK nature is in crisis, and this includes meadows. Since the 1930s, 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost, stripping bees, butterflies, birds, and mammals of their natural homes and contributing to a devastating decline in the wildlife population. There is still hope for meadows. National Trust is working across many places to restore and protect these important habitats, a few of them are:

  • Dunstable Downs: Twenty hectares of former arable fields have been transformed into wildlife-rich meadows, now home to skylarks, meadow pipits, red kites, and various mammals.
  • Chirk Castle: The new Mindful Meadow offers a space for community wellbeing activities, promoting both human and ecological health.
  • Dyffryn Gardens: Mini meadows increase biodiversity, supporting pollinators and protecting lawns.
  • Jinlye Meadows: Restoration efforts have boosted populations of the rare bilberry bumblebee.

“Nature is under threat due to the effects of climate change. Our Everyone Needs Nature Appeal is helping to create meadows, woodlands, and new green spaces for nature to flourish for generations to come. Working in partnership with Cotswold Outdoor and Pennies enables us to raise much needed funds to help nature thrive now and in the future.”

Jen Park, National Fundraising Officer at National Trust

National Walking Month

This National Walking Month, customers who have donated through Pennies while shopping at Cotswold Outdoor, Snow+Rock and Runners Need have contributed to National Trust’s ongoing efforts to protect and restore these essential ecosystems. Their customers micro-donations are helping National Trust ensure that our natural heritage thrives for future generations.

“We’re proud to be long-standing partners of the National Trust. We believe that people are happier outside so are delighted to partner with an organisation that shares our values and increases access to these amazing spaces. Together, we’ are passionate advocates for the outdoors, our planet and enjoying it responsibly.”

Jose Finch, Managing Director at Cotswold Outdoor

Just over 10 minutes of micro-donations made by Outdoor & Cycle Concepts customers (£5) could help National Trust restore 12 square meters of wildflower meadows, creating shelter and food for important pollinators like bees
and butterflies.

Just under an hour of micro-donations made by Outdoor & Cycle Concepts customers (£25) could help National Trust plant and protect five new saplings, helping future woodland thrive.

Just over two hours of micro-donations made by Outdoor & Cycle Concepts customers (£50) could help National Trust provide a ranger with the equipment to restore and protect a place of natural beauty.

“Our partnership with Cotswold Outdoor has enabled us to reach more people and help them access the outdoors  – whether that’s via walk programming, better marketing of opportunities at our places, development and training for our staff and volunteer or appropriate kit to ensure our walking activity is safe for all audiences. All of this ensures we can continue to enable and inspire great outdoor experiences.”

Melissa Moss, Programme Manager – Outdoor Experience, National Trust

Work with Pennies

Contact us today and become part of the Pennies family, where every micro-donation adds up to make a positive difference for charities across the UK and beyond. Let’s work together to make every penny count and continue to protect and enhance our natural heritage.

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