With the help of our payments and technology friends, Retail & Sports Systems and Optomany, Wolves FC were able to implement Pennies online and in-store, giving football fans the opportunity to donate their digital change in support of the clubs Foundation when buying club merchandise.

On July 4th, Wolves FC became our proud new Premier League partner to launch Pennies who are also competing this season in the UEFA Europa League, which is a first for Pennies. They implemented the digital charity box alongside the new season kit release and have received an amazing customer response!

With such a great level of engagement and teamwork; the implementation went according to plan and we achieved the deadline of launching Pennies in time for their new season kit launch. We now look forward to working closely together with Wolves FC to help ensure that Pennies continues to play its role in contributing towards their fundraising goals for the Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation and sharing the positive impact that the micro donations have for the local projects that they support. I wish them the very best of luck for the new season!

Simon Barker, Merchant Partnerships and Business Development at Pennies

Micro-donations made by Wolves fans will be supporting the clubs official charity, Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation. The aim of the charity is to motivate, educate and inspire people in communities to improve life chances. At present the Foundation runs 27 different projects within the community, from mental health awareness sessions to their disability programme, all of which encourages people from the age of 4 – 94 years of age to get involved.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation Primary Stars beneficiaries

To mark International Youth Day, we’re highlighting some of the youth projects run by Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation, and the types of projects your money will support.

Like many of the young people and indeed older people supported by the Foundation, Jordan’s life has changed. Jordan Harley-Wright started his journey with Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation as a teenager in 2013 – beginning with a weekly training session of pan-disability football.

With the training and encouragement from the Foundation and charity, Mencap, Jordan has developed his skills and now plays for the Wolves Sporting Chances adult team in the Premier Elite league of the Birmingham Ability Counts League, as well as completing an internship at Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation. You can help inspire and support young people just like Jordan a few pence at a time by donating via Pennies next time you purchase the latest or kit for the this season and many more.

Jordan, Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation Beneficiary

Here at Pennies, we are hugely grateful to be partnered with Retail Sports Systems and Optomany and with their expertise, be able to facilitate a way for sports fanatics to be able to give micro-donations and make a big difference to young people and within the wider community.

We are very proud to have played a role, alongside partner Optomany, in enabling Pennies at Wolves FC. Wolves fans are already proving fantastically generous – and have “got it” right away. This represents the fourth club to adopt Pennies’ digital charity box, and – working together – we look forward to ensuring many more football fans can donate to the clubs’ community causes around the country.

Richard Waltham, Director of Retail & Sports Systems

As the new season has begun and donations are rolling in, we are extremely excited to see the pennies adding up to make a huge difference to the foundation and community. In the coming months we will be sharing the impact made from your generosity.


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