Hackathon For Good: How musicMagpie Engaged Their Team to Accelerate Pennies Implementation

Forward-thinking re-commerce business, musicMagpie, identified an opportunity to create real community impact within their business by partnering with Pennies. The team hosted a successful hackathon to accelerate the implementation of Pennies’ micro-donation solution into their online marketplace.

musicMagpie has always been committed to building purpose into their business model. They champion sustainability, the circular economy, and provide sellers with a means to give back to charities when reselling used technology and physical media.

Recognising the transformative power of micro-donations, musicMagpie sought out Pennies to help them deliver additional value and impact for the causes they care about. However, the team initially faced some constraints allocating the time and internal resource needed to complete the integration with the Pennies API.

What we did.

musicMagpie announced a hackathon initiative at their annual conference and rallied a team to take part in a one-day session to expedite the Pennies implementation process.

With support from the Pennies team, musicMagpie brought together colleagues who worked collaboratively during the day to complete the majority of the online API integration, successfully navigating technical requirements and laying the groundwork for subsequent A/B testing.

This hands-on event not only fostered a sense of shared purpose but also created an opportunity for skill-sharing and innovation among the team members. By leveraging the expertise and enthusiasm of their workforce, the initiative successfully drove the Pennies implementation forward and resolved resourcing challenges.

Working with Pennies has been very straightforward. They are always on hand to help, and their technical documents are easy to follow. The hackathon helped to take Pennies out of the roadmap and got us excited about the work. The team are very proud that our dev skills can help support our charity partners make an even bigger impact.

Ashley Burgess

Head of Development, musicMagpie

The impact.

After a few weeks of A/B testing, the Pennies micro-donation option went live on the musicMagpie marketplace. This milestone allowed customers to make affordable contributions to charity at checkout, and resulted in over 2,000 micro-donations within the first few weeks of going live.

Pennies hand and heart icon

Over 2,000 micro-donations within the first few weeks of going live.

Pennies hand and heart icon

Creating real community impact within their business by partnering with Pennies.

Pennies hand and heart icon

An initiative which inspired and motivated musicMagpie’s colleagues.

These invaluable funds provide vital support to musicMagpie’s nominated charity of the year. They’ve supported several charities and good causes over the years including Signpost Stockport for Carers, an independent local charity supporting carers, as well as EGG (Engage, Grow, Go), supporting their mission to help individuals experiencing homelessness.

By utilising volunteering opportunities within the team, musicMagpie and Pennies have been able to make further positive impact for the musicMagpie community.

Working with musicMagpie to organise the hackathon was an incredible experience. Their enthusiasm and dedication to integrating Pennies’ solution were evident throughout the process. The hackathon not only accelerated the implementation but also fostered a collaborative and inspiring environment. It’s a testament to musicMagpie’s commitment to community impact.

Rob Rees

Digital Business Development Manager, Pennies

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