Donating a few ‘electronic pennies’ in an Adnams Cellar & Kitchen store may not seem like much, but this small change is already adding up to help to fund services for men with prostate cancer. It’s only been a few months but customers have rounded up over 20,000 times, raising more than £6000 for their charity partner Prostate Cancer UK.

Guy-Williams_LRThese pennies are being put into services that help men like Guy Williams, who was diagnosed when he was 51 years old, share experiences and talk openly about prostate cancer.

Because his Dad was living with the disease, Guy knew it was likely he would be diagnosed but the result still knocked him as, like many men, he was symptomless. Following the diagnosis, people found it difficult to talk to him about his cancer.

“When I tell people about my prostate cancer, they’re quite understanding, but don’t really want to talk about it,” said Guy. “Perhaps they just don’t have the vocabulary. It has been a real support to talk to Dad and it is interesting how many people open up about their own cancer experiences once I’ve told them about mine.”

The services provided by Prostate Cancer UK help ensure people like Guy have somewhere to go for answers and a place to meet other people who have been through similar emotions.

“Prostate Cancer UK offers an online forum where men can share their experiences and talk together and that’s so important for men in my position,” Guy said.

The online forum, along with services like the Prostate Cancer UK helpline, are a lifeline for people who don’t know where to go for information about a disease that can be difficult to talk about. This is one area your pennies are being put to use, as it costs the charity around £1,000,000 a year to run these facilities.

It may be a quick decisison to say ‘Yes’ at the till, but it’s an important one that has an impact. We’re looking forward to seeing donations continue to come in from Adnams customers and hearing about how they’re making even more of a difference to the lives of men like Guy.


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